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About Us

Hi i’m Emey and I have a 93 years young mother, Celine. Being a busy working mother and living miles away have made it difficult to connect in a meaningful way, especially over the last year & a half.

That is how the concept of Forget Me Not came to be!

I sent my mother 6 brightly coloured gifts, one to be opened at the beginning of each month. Every gift was made just for her and included a personalized note to put a smile on her face and boy did it work!

Every first of the month I make sure I am available so we can share the experience of her opening the gift designed just for her. Hearing the enthusiasm and excitement in her voice make it all worth it!

These little boxes have truly made a difference in her life.

My mother has taught me the importance of giving in simple ways and now I would like to share this concept with you and give you the chance to regain the sparkle in your loved one’s eyes.

How would you like to put a smile on the face of your loved ones by having a surprise box of goodies delivered to them with a personalized note from you!